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Park up: near Memmingen, Germany

Woodland wonderland, Germany

Sleeping in Narnia was one of the most peaceful nights I’ve had. Once the late afternoon dog walkers had returned home it was me, the trees and the falling snow. After a snow-lit walk around the pine woods I climbed in for the night with my pan of snow to wash the spinach, put the fire and radio on and had a cosy night in.

Pan of snow, not advisable

The pan of snow produced an adequate amount of water for a first spinach wash but when I saw the amount of dirt and salt on the van the next day I think it probably wasn’t such a great idea…

Bedroom window view

Opening the bedroom windows in the morning to see the robins on the snowy branches made me a little nostalgic for the British winter Christmas’s I haven’t had for a few years. Momentarily. The gently falling snow I’d admired the evening before had kept falling during the night which resulted in a bit of a scramble to get out with but the help of the wheel blocks there was no major snow-in. I thought I’d spent the night in Austria but turns out in was Germany, I guess I’d travelled further than I thought.

Leaving the woodland park up