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Park up: Dubrovnik

View of the old town from the hill opposite

Parked on the hill opposite the old town afforded wonderful views of the rooftops and the surrounding hills and islands. After watching a beautiful sunset I spent a windy night alone on the hill, or at least I thought I was alone until I woke to find a van beside me, and I mean right beside me. It was a couple who had just started their journey from Germany to Peru 3 days before. The van was kitted out in expensive gear from the all-terrain tyres to everything new strapped to it but the essential things, like being able to stand up inside, were missing, and that is the thing you most need, everyday comfort.

Park-up on the top of the hill
Looking over the hill from park-up

A fort built by Napoleon’s forces in the early 19th century stands on the hill. However, its role in recent history is what makes it noteworthy. As the command HQ of the 163rd Dubrovnik Brigade of the Croatian Army during the Homeland War (1991-1995) it claims a crucial role in the defence of Dubrovnik.

Graffiti on the top of the fort wall from the time of the Homeland War and the siege of Dubrovnik (1991)

The┬áHomeland War Museum, based inside the crumbling fort (there are many signs saying you are entering at your own risk) is dedicated to the siege of Dubrovnik and brings the atrocity of war alive with news footage and photographs from the time, as well as the tools of destruction displaying a range of armaments and explosives. The British news footage was intriguing and showed the Croatian ‘soldiers’, many civilian volunteers, inside the fort at the time of the siege with food being brought up by donkey and using the well inside the fort, still there.

One of the photographs showing the Placa, 1991
View from the top – the sea around Dubrovnik old town

Going back down was harder than coming up, some of the narrow bends required reversing to get around and one at the top is particularly scary as it takes you right near the edge of the cliff. The views, however, were stunning!

View from the winding road and Dubrovnik old town, coming down the hill