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Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia

The old town of Dubrovnik is like being in a film set, and it was for Game of Thrones, but never having seen it meant

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Kotor, Montenegro – in Pictures

Considered to be the best preserved medieval town in the Mediterranean, the old town of Kotor is magnificent. Wandering around the well-preserved medieval architecture, still


Durrës, Albania

Durrës (or Durres), an ancient strategic port has an exciting, and often bloody, history. Most recently, in 1990, following the collapse of communist rule it

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Llogara Pass, Albania

Llogara Pass (Qafa e Llogarasë) is a mountain road on the Albanian coastline at an elevation of 1.043m (3,422ft) above sea level. It’s classified as

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The Final Goodbye

I love the graves in Athens. The First Cemetery was one of my favourite places to wander during the winter lockdown of 2020 and I

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Messolonghi, Western Greece.

Built on an estuary, between two lagoons, Messolonghi is unique. In some ways there isn’t much happening but it has a quiet drama and a